How to place an order through website?

Ordering through our website is easy, both for mobile as well as desktop users. Firstly, view the item you would like to purchase, select color (if applicable) and click Add To CartIf you have specific message to us, please enter it in the provided box.

Choose Check Out or PayPal Check Out for payments using credit/debit card. Choosing this second method will direct you to www.paypal.com to complete your check out.

For customers who choose normal check out, you will be directed to the customer information page. Fill in your email and shipping address, then click Continue To Shipping Method button at the bottom of the page, or simply log in if you already have an account with us.

After that, you will reach shipping method page. Please review your shipping cost. Here you can enter discount code if you have one. Then, click Continue To Payment Method Button at the bottom of the page.

You will reach to payment method page. Here, you will be given two payment methods to choose, whether using PayPal or Bank Deposit. If you wish to pay using credit/debit card, you can choose PayPal and you will be directed to www.paypal.com to complete your order. If you choose bank deposit, please click Complete Order button at the bottom of the page to complete your check out. If you wish to use different billing address than your shipping address, please enter it in provided box before leaving the page.

Now, voila! Your order then will be completed. You will immediately receive a confirmation email, which contains our bank account details and payment instruction to assist you with your payment transaction.

Items Reservation

After making your order, the items will be reserved for you for 24 hours. If we do not receive your payment after 24 hours, you will be sent order confirmation once again. After that, we will need to cancel your order. You will need to place a new order should you want the items again.

Order Cancellation/Exchanges

If you need to cancel the order you have just made or change the items to something else, we would really appreciate if you can contact us as soon as you can. Please email us at hello@bulandesign.com or WhatsApp at +60148040666.

Why my order is cancelled?

As our items are mostly limited in stock, if we do not receive your payment within 24 hours, we will need to cancel your order. This to ensure that we could return the items again to our store so other waiting customers could purchase it. However, we will send you the confirmation email once again to remind you about the payment before cancelling your order.

However, we could consider if you have certain circumstances that is prohibiting you from making the payment within the allocated time. In this case, please contact us for further assistance.



Shipping rate for international orders is determined by parcel weight and country.

After entering your address during check out, your shipping fees will be calculated accordingly. Shipping fees are different for each countries. Please refer our Shipping & Return page for more information on your shipping rate.

Currently, our website is set to calculate shipping fees for addresses in Singapore, Brunei, United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. If you are from other countries than stated, please contact us for further assistance.



Payment Method

We accept payment using two methods, credit/debit card payment through PayPal and Bank Deposit to our Maybank account (for Malaysian customers only). If you choose Bank Deposit, you can make your payment transaction using online banking or at any Cash Deposit Machine (CDM).

Payment Proof

For customers who choose Bank Deposit payment method, please provide us your transaction proof in the form of screen-caps or receipt image. Proof of transaction can be sent to our email at sales@bulandesign.com or WhatsApp at +60148040666.

Do you do Cash-On-Delivery (COD)?

No, currently we do not do CODs.



How do you package your scarves?

Each of the scarves are individually wrapped in our own paper packaging before being secured into courier's plastic packaging. For international orders of 1 kg and above, courier's cardboard boxes will be used.



If you find scarves that you want currently out of stock, you can ask us to notify you when they become available next time. However, please note that not all designs are available or restock. You can enquire more about items' restocks by writing to us at hello@bulandesign.com or through WhatsApp. However, when we restock our items, we do post in our instagram so it's good to check regularly.